Senior Immunizations: What You Need to Stay Healthy


Immunizations are widely accepted as an important element to keeping a child healthy as they grow, but many times people forget that as they get older immunizations remain integral to their health. So, whether you’re 6 or 65, it turns out that immunizations are equally important to maintaining your health. While talking to your doctor and getting regular checkups is the best way to know what your body needs as you age, here’s a list of some ofthe most frequently recommended immunizations for seniors.


Flu (Influenza): Whether it’s your doctor, mother, or friendly neighborhood pharmacist, each flu season we’re all reminded by someone about the importance of getting our flu shots. And while many people may skip a year here or there, as you get older it becomes more and more important to stay up to date. The flu is most dangerous for the youngest and the oldest members of our community, so make sure you’re protecting yourself as you age. For those of our community over 65, there is a high-dose flu shot with four times more of the amountof antigen than the typical flu shot to help your body fight off the virus more effectively.

Chickenpox: This shot is recommended for older adults that haven’t had the chickenpox vaccine or chickenpox before. It’s a two dose shot regimen, and can protect seniors at risk for the virus. Make sure you checkwith your doctor for this one though, because while it can help many individuals, it is not recommended for those with immune system deficiencies, cancer, or those of prescriptions that inhibit the immune system.

Shingles: The shingles virusis caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox and it often causes a blistering rash on the skin and can beextremely serious. The good news is that this vaccine is a one-time thing, and it’s recommended for everyone over 60.

Tetanus/ Diphtheria/ Pertussis: Many people have already gotten this one at some point in their childhood, but it remains an important one to boost up on. Make sure you’re getting a booster every 10 years, or after potentially being exposed to the virus—so any time you get a large cut, burn, or other wound.

Pneumonia: The pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for everyone over 65 years old. The vaccine consists of two separate shots given at different times.

Measles /Mumps/ Rubella: With the recent rise in measles cases in the communities around us, it’s become more and more important that people knowif they’re protected against the disease. Make sure you mention this to your doctor to see if you need to be vaccinated, or if the vaccination you received when you were younger is still protecting you.

Meningococcal: This one’s recommended for some adults over the age of 56 including those who’ve had their spleen removed, have certain blood deficiencies, or those traveling to certain countries. Check with your doctor if this vaccine is needed to keep you healthy.

Hepatitis A and B: While these two vaccines aren’t recommended for everyone, it’s important to check if they may be needed for you. Checkwith your doctor if you think these vaccines are needed for you.


This list is just the beginning to knowing what your body needs to stay healthy as you age, make sure you’re asking your doctors about all the different ways to ensure your health. And if you have more questions about what vaccines you need, the CDC has a short quiz to help guide you in the right direction:


About Renee Johnson, CSA

Through her many years of service, Renee Johnson has become a trusted resource and advisor for many individuals in the community. Renee takes the time to understand each person’s circumstances. She then creates a personalized plan specifically to meet their individual needs. Renee lives by her company motto, “We make each client feel like they are our only client.” Renee is the Broker Associate and Certified Senior Advisor at Kontor Realty Group and is licensed to sell real estate in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Renee enjoys working with all ages; serving the young and the young at heart. In addition to holding her Broker licenses she has earned the following designations; Senior Real Estate Specialist, Realtor Senior Advisor, Accredited Buyers Representative, Graduate Realtor Institute and Seller Representative Specialist. Renee’s specific training and experience allows her to provide the most comprehensive and qualified service. As a Certified Senior Advisor, Renee specializes in serving the 55+ community. Renee understands what issues most impact the lives of our aging population. She knows that making this transition can be complex, time consuming and emotional. Renee feels that in times of change you should leave nothing to chance and a trusted resource can make all the difference. She provides her clients with valuable information, resources and guidance so they are able to make informed decisions that will best serve them to successfully age in place. She has a team of professionals and services dedicated to supporting every stage of life, with care and simplicity. Renee believes everyone should have the ability to age with grace and dignity. Renee is a member of the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors, Minnesota Association of Realtors, Wisconsin Realtors Association, National Association of Realtors, Society of Senior Advisors and the National Aging in Place Council. She is the recipient of the Super Real Estate Agent Award for 2015, 2016 and 2017.
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